Due to the  COVID-19 pandemic: Breach Once More has decided to  solely produce  online content to it's audiences (free of charge) until further notice.  We encourage you to donate as we are a small Mom n Pop shop. Thank you for your support over the years. Things will look a little different, but we are all in this together. So...we shift our focus a bit, and try (yet again) another venue!  We will be streaming our mashups concurrently throughout  the foreseeable future. Once more unto the breach dear friends once more! 

Directed by, Lauren Burgat

The Taming of the Breakfast Club, is a mash-up of 80’s-cult classic films and faux-Elizabethan language; about which the Bard woulds't undoubtedly state: "Doth thou wanteth me to puke?"

The Taming of the the Breakfast Club features, five preparatory students, in Shermer Castle; Shermshire, in the house of Illy O' Noise, 1584. These over age'd children doth endureth-eth a Saturday detention (of our souls) under a power-hungry principal, The Duke of Vernon. The disparate groupe includes: Sir Andrew, (the Sport-o-Cus) Dame Clare, (a Lady Right Royal) Lady Allison ( a Basket O' Case) , Sir Brian (A "Midsummer's Cream") and The Knave (John) Bender. Each has a chance to tell his or her story, making the others see them a little differently -- and when the day ends (as the cock doth crow) they question whether school, Olde Londony town, or their wits will ever be the same.

Featuring: Katie Motta, Krista Muir, Steve Bologna, Gordon Bell, Robert Levy, Joanna Mahaffy and Alfred Muller as Knave Bender.

“What Breach Once More’s production lacks in flashy production design it makes up for with emotionally sincere performances. Its focus is on how these characters act and react to the actions around them. And in the end, that’s all that’s really needed.”

C. Lewis III | The Thinking Man’s Idiot